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Reasons for advertising with Classic Hits FM

The Strengths of Radio

Radio can reach virtually everyone, whether driving in the car, listening to home or Streaming online radio provides ample opportunity for you to get your message to reach local residents.

Frequency is the Key

The key to any successful radio campaign is to have your commercial on air as often as possible. If the purpose of your advertising is to enhance your branding, it is essential to have an ongoing campaign.

This can either be in the form of one continuous campaign or a regular series of shorter campaigns.

If the purpose of your advertising is a call to action, such as a sale, your campaign needs to be shorter, but more intensive.


Future Growth

Radio is  the only media predicted to grow audience. – radio is the only traditional medium that people predict they will be spending more time within the near future.


Radio significantly enhances response 57% of the sample claim to have checked things on the internet after just hearing about them on the radio, with 59% claiming to use search to find more details. This isn’t just restricted to editorial mentions – 39% claimed that advertising has prompted them to search for something on the internet.

Radio drives response,

Radio has always been a strong “call-to-action” medium, and this is even more true in a world where consumers access brands via the internet. Radio can drive brand browsing (direct to a brand’s website or searching for a specific brand in a search engine) by over 52%.

Radio offers efficient targeting

Radio targets audiences efficiently because different stations attract different listeners – Racing Radio listeners are worlds apart from ABC News Radio listeners etc. This allows advertisers to talk selectively to the groups they are most interested in. Brands can focus their activity very effectively on key market areas.

Radio reaches people at relevant times and places

Most radio listeners are engaged in another activity, and this means that advertisers can reach listeners at various times during the day such as getting ready for work.

Radio reaches out in an ad avoidance world

Research shows that radio has the lowest level of advertising avoidance. People rarely switch stations and are therefore available to listen to any message that is relevant, creative, intriguing etc. This is a great opportunity for advertisers who want to reach out to new customers or to tell existing customers something they didn’t know.

Radio creates a large “share of mind” for a brand

In the same way that the music industry uses radio to gain airplay of their artists and create chart hits, radio also creates a sense of ubiquity for brands. This is for two main reasons – firstly, because radio ads are on frequently and secondly because listeners tend to spend so long listening (on average 13 hours per week). A brand which is big in radio can create a disproportionately large share of mind for itself.

Radio is “a friend”

Listeners use radio for emotional reasons – to keep their spirits up, to stop themselves from feeling bored or while doing daily chores. This leads to them seeing radio as a kind of friend, and this is a valuable context for an advertiser to appear in.

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